Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Emotional Sack (Spike)


The Emotional Sack.
We had to come up with at least two emotions for the sack (I'll call it Spike) and also there has to be an object that Spike interacts with. So spike is sad at the start then he sees a balloon and runs forward excitedly and tries to catch the balloon and eventually does and flies off.

Mouse on Wave


This is an animation of a mouse in a hat on a wave.

Walk Cycles

Here are my front walk and side walk. The front walk is a cowboy and the side walk is an owl.

Pink Panther Animation




This is my Pink Panter walk cycle done in Maya and also facial expressions.






Textures done with watercolour and polychromos. These took around 4-5 hours each.


This is an illustration I did from reading 'The Happy Prince' by Oscar Wilde. It's a bird sitting under the statue of the Happy Prince and the Prince's tears are falling on the bird. It was done on black paper with a white pencil, white gel pen and polychromos.

Tonal Daylight

This is a tonal study done in daylight it took about an hour to do.